The Original
Seed Specialists.

Each embedded in the unique agricultural landscape of their territory, our Seed Specialists have over 100 years of combined education, training and on farm experience to call on, making them a real asset on farm.

Quality seed direct from breeder to farmer.
The Nickerson business was founded on the
tenet of bringing innovation to British farmers
and we remain true to that principle today.

Nickerson Original seed comes with our exclusive GPA coating

Growth promoting agent aids rapid germination and good establishment. Using a formula with phosphite and potash, GPA serves to amplify the high vigour and germination standards that have always characterised Nickerson Original Seed.

Phosphite is key to early plant growth, influencing emergence and establishment through improved root development and tillering. GPA acts as a supplement to the naturally occuring phosphate contained within cereal seed, this is key in the early weeks of growth when up to 15% phosphate uptake occurs.

GPA is applied as a seed film coating, ensuring even application and release of seed treatment, accurate drilling and even establishment.

Quality Seed is the foundation block for profitable agriculture.

Seed not only carries the genetic blueprint and potential for the resulting crop, but high germination and high seedling vigour are the cornerstones of successful arable and forage production.

Nickerson Basis qualified Seed Specialists have the knowledge and experience to maximise the benefits of these features and are available to give advice on all aspects of seed agronomy including variety selection, seed rates, seed treatments and optimum drilling dates.

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