Sean Lovegreen

Director of Sales, Sean is an experienced Seed Specialist with a long established presence in the North East. Welcome to his profile page, where you can find out about news, events and important updates for this region.

Sean's Bio

Sean Lovegreen started with Nickerson as an agent before quickly moving up the ranks to become the Director of Sales in 2016. With both a practical farming background and experience of running his own agricultural business prior to joining us, Sean is ideally placed to provide both farmers and colleagues with plenty of value.

“So much of business is about putting good people around you, so I will never spin a yarn around my customers,” Sean explains. “Nickerson has always been renowned for giving good products, good advice, and good service, and I make sure we uphold these brand values everyday.”

Sean remains a strong presence on farm in the North East

In particular, Sean is interested in grassland improvement, and improving feed from forage. “I’m very interested in helping farmers extend their agricultural rotations, and make more from what they do.” he continues. “Rotations that are too close result in a lot of disease pressure/pest pressure, whereas if you extend the rotation then you get fewer problems and manage the soil better. And if you look after the soil better, the soil looks after you!”

Outside of work, Sean is a keen woodworker. If not making furniture in his woodwork workshop, you’ll often find him outdoors, gardening, hiking, or fellwalking. If he wasn’t working in agriculture, he said he’d be a furniture maker, a tree surgeon, or a horticulturist – or perhaps all three! 

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