Sean Corey

Sean is our resident seed specialist in South Yorkshire, with an area spanning out from the beautiful Peak District. Welcome to his profile page, where you can find out about news, events and important updates for this region.

Sean's Bio

Sean Corey is one of our longest standing Seed Specialists, having been with Nickerson for 32 years (when he joined in April 1991, Number 1 in the charts was Chesney Hawkes’ “The One and Only”, which we think is fitting.)

Farming was a large part of Sean’s childhood as he grew up on a mixed farm and spent all of his non-school time helping out. This means he not only has extensive knowledge of our varieties but has decades of first-hand experience on how they can be applied on farm. In addition to an encyclopedic knowledge of Nickerson history, he is great at keeping up-to-date with our new technology and constantly evolving developments. “Being at the forefront of agriculture, being involved in new technologies and breeding – I’m proud to work for Nickerson because they’re the vanguard.”

Sean’s always ready to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in

Loving nothing more than the variety of his days, and the opportunity to solve a puzzle!

In addition to a wealth of knowledge and experience, Sean brings efficiency and trustworthiness to his farmers. “In 30 years, I’ve noticed farmers are busier now than they’ve ever been. A customer only has to ask me to do things once, and I’ll get it done.” You can rest assured that Sean will take the stress out of that part of your life and give you confidence in your crops.

When he’s not at work, Sean has a keen interest in history, and if he wasn’t working in agriculture, he would have been an archaeologist or historian.

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