Nickerson Original Seeds

Nickerson's original seed portfolio includes award winning varieties and farm favourites bred by LG and proven both on farm and in trial. Scroll to the bottom to read about the exclusive GPA seed treatment that makes Nickerson seed the one to beat.


Full range of market-leading hybrid and conventional oilseed rape varieties


Nickerson Original seed crops are grown by selected growers then processed to our own demanding standards

Seed Film Coating

Seed Film Coating is a technique that forms a polymer film around the seed in which a range of conventional and innovative seed treatments can be carried.

Benefits include; Precise and even application of chemical to seed; accurate drilling and even establishment; controlled release of chemical prevents phytotoxic effects on plant growth and promotes higher yields.

LG Typhoon winter wheat

Growth Promoting Agent

Growth Promoting Agent aids rapid germination and good establishment, this perfectly compliments the high vigour and germination of Nickerson Original Seed. The GPA consists primarily of Phosphite and Potash. Benefits of this coating include accurate drilling and even establishment whilst controlled release of chemicals prevents phytotoxic effects on plant growth. It promotes higher yields; larger shoots and roots; improved establishment and reduced stress.

Why Nickerson?

As part of Group Limagrain, Nickerson is uniquely positioned to offer growers the full advantages resulting from huge resources in Plant Breeding and investment in Research and Development. Nickerson Original seed crops are grown by selected growers then processed to our own demanding standards.

What makes our seeds original?

Purity and Germination

Nickerson constantly monitor seed production to ensure that the quality of seed produced is significantly better than the official standard:

Quality Control

We use high quality seed stock from selected growers and frequent field inspections by qualified inspectors as well as thorough inspections by our own Government registered laboratory at our production plant, on intake to ensure the quality expectation of our customers is met. Regular sampling during cleaning to ensure purity and germination standards are met and post treatment sampling to test for germination and treatment loading.


Nickerson pioneered the development of vigour testing in the 1970’s. Vigorous seed is better equipped to cope with poor, cold and wet seedbed conditions. This is important for; quick, even crop establishment; allowing the crop to grow away from soil-borne pests and diseases; stronger plants and higher yields.