Nick Wallace

Nick is our Scottish Sales Manager and our longest serving Seed Specialist, with a territory that spans Scotland's Central Highlands and beyond. Welcome to his profile page, where you can find out about news, events and important updates for this region.

Nick's Bio

With 44 years of service and a Salesman of the Year award under his belt, Northern Regional Manager, Nick Wallace, is a true stalwart of Nickerson, and a font of Nickerson knowledge. Nick has become synonymous with the brand, so invested that even those who know him best struggle to see where Nick ends, and Nickerson begins.

Unlike many in the industry, Nick didn’t grow up on a farm – in fact, he comes from a family of medics. He found his vocation in his first job on a farm in Dundee, a few years ago now, he chaired his local Young Farmers’, and his fate in the farming industry was firmly sealed. He moved to Nickerson from an assistant area manager role elsewhere and hasn’t looked back since.

“I am proud to be a salesman for Nickerson, because we sell quality seed.”

Nick explains. “Nickerson seed is a good, sound product which doesn't let you down. We aren’t associated with a chemical company, and we’re owned by farmers, in my opinion these are positives and mean we can be relied upon.”

Nick particularly enjoys the relationship he has with his customers, including many fourth-generation farm families, and being able to be part of their decision-making process. He is well known across Scotland and brings a wealth of experience into every conversation, but also loves looking forward and being able to bring new varieties to the attention of his farmers’.

Outside of work, you’ll find Nick on the golf course, gardening, watching the rugby, or spending time with his wife and daughter.

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