Quality seed - direct from breeder to farmer

A brand of Limagrain, supplying quality seed direct from breeder to farmer, including Original cereals and Circle Leys grass mixtures

Nickerson Seed Specialists_Nick Wallace and Grower

Seed Specialists

Nickerson have an unrivalled team of seed specialists in all parts of the UK who are trained in all aspects of agriculture and seed production.

Part of Group Limagrain, the world’s 4th largest seed company, Nickerson are uniquely positioned to offer farmers the full advantages of its huge resources and investments in research and development. Nickerson is the UK’s only agricultural distributor supplying seed directly from breeder to farmer.

Quality Seed

Quality Seed is the foundation block for profitable agriculture.

Seed not only carries the genetic blueprint and potential for the resulting crop, but high germination and high seedling vigour are the cornerstones of successful arable and forage production. Nickerson Basis qualified Seed Specialists have the knowledge and experience to maximise the benefits of these features and are available to give advice on all aspects of seed agronomy including variety selection, seed rates, seed treatments and optimum drilling dates.

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