Clearfield® oilseed rape varieties are intended to be used in conjunction with BASF post emergence herbicides Cleravo and Cleranda

Clearfield® varieties are tolerant to these herbicides which would otherwise cause catastrophic crop failure in a conventional oilseed rape crop.

The LG breeding programme has focused on stacking the Clearfield® trait with our trademark TUYV and pod shatter resistance traits, which are present in all LG's fully loaded hybrids.

The Clearfield® system

The Clearfield® system was designed to allow growers to wait until they had a crop established before investing in a full herbicide programme.

Why Clearfield®?

Clearfield® herbicides are effective against otherwise difficult to manage weeds in OSR, such as charlock, hedge mustard and runch. 

They also allow the control of volunteer OSR from previous cropping, which can cause increases in erucic acid levels, if taken to harvest.

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