Jonathan Payne

Jonathan is our Regional Sales Manager for the verdant South of England, where he is also an experienced Seed Specialist with an area covering Hertfordshire through to Cambridgeshire and out over the fens. Welcome to his profile page, where you can find out about news, events and important updates for this region.

Jonathans Bio

Jonathan Payne is a Seed Specialist who’s proud to extend his role way beyond seed. His wide-ranging knowledge and passion for agriculture covers all aspects of the job. BASIS trained with an education courtesy of Harper Adams he speaks the same language as his customers and will always advocate on their behalf. Jonathan joined us from a role as a farm manager. Working predominately in combinable cropping for a large family-owned farming business, his experience managing across 18 articulated lorries, a grain testing laboratory, and a 160,000 tonne grain storage unit – as well as the 9500 acres of farmland – means that he brings insider knowledge and insight as well as a host of first-hand, practical experience to the table.

The switch from customer to seed specialist has been wholly positive for both Jonathan and his customers. Though it has forced him to shift perspective slightly, and reframe his view on grass. Something he always saw as a weed, is now a crucial and rewarding part of his offering.

For Jonathan, everything starts with a seed, and spraying is a last resort

Instead, he focuses on good husbandry techniques and IPM to get the most out of your crops. With a vast knowledge base, covering what’s inside your shed to what’s in your soil (which can vary hugely in East Anglia alone!), he’ll help you think outside the box and make sure you, the customer are seeing the right results.

“There’s so many faculties that you can do a lot with,” Jonathan explains, “but it helps that at Nickerson we’ve got some real top end products. Plus working with some really good knowledgeable people who are at the top of their industry, as well as working with some brilliant growers: put all these together and you feel like you’re actually making the difference. There’s nothing better than getting phone calls 12-18 months down the line and hearing that your decisions have all come out well!”

When he’s not chatting to his farmers on how to make the best of their crops, you’ll find Jonathan spending time at home with his wife and two young boys.

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