LGAN varieties have improved feed efficiency promoting milk and meat production

LG Animal Nutrition brand accreditation denotes maize and grass varieties that have the genetic potential to deliver superior nutritional value, whilst maintaining excellent agronomic qualities and yield. Improving ration performance and reducing reliance on purchased-in feeds.

Extensive testing

LGAN maize varieties are evaluated across 8 parameters using an extensive and robust data set that combines the official BSPB/NIAB data with 5 years of LG data, amounting to info from 12 sites across the country. These varieties offer increased nutritional value, providing a simple, cost-effective way for growers to increase feed efficiency and reduce feed costs.

LGAN Strengths

• Improved fibre digestibility, driving improvements in dry matter intakes

• Increased energy content from improved starch and digestible fibre content

• Improved energy content drives improvements in feed efficiency

• High yielding for both dry matter and energy yield

• Agronomically strong for assured performance

• LGAN varieties can deliver better farm profits

Independently tested

As part of our ongoing research program, Limagrain has carried out numerous animal feeding trials at independent scientific institutes across Europe. Each study has shown the benefits of feeding LGAN varieties and mixtures in terms of increased intakes and improved feed efficiency.

Milk production has also increased by anything from 0.4 to 2.6 litres per cow per day. The results below are taken from recent work undertaken by the Schothorst Research Institute in the Netherlands.

This increase in production is worth an extra £7,200 a year for a 100-cow herd at a milk price of 40 pence per litre.

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