NUE (N-Flex)

N-Flex offers security to growers

Varieties with N-Flex have been identified as having a higher nitrogen use efficiency.

N-flex is a characteristic incurring an increased nitrogen use efficiency, that has been identified in some of our hybrid breeding lines. Varieties with N-flex allow greater flexibility in nitrogen application timing, retain more yield when subjected to nitrogen stress, but still deliver high yields with an optimum nitrogen regime.

what is n-flex?

N-flex is a breeding characteristic identified in some of our elite hybrid lines. These varieties have been shown through extensive trialling to have a greater flexibility around Nitrogen application.

N-Flex varieties have been shown to have a flatter response curve to nitrogen, therefore yield penalties for sub optimal yield applications are lower than with other varieties. 

What does N-Flex offer?

N-Flex offers security to growers. The advice from Limagrain is not to consciously reduce nitrogen rates. N should still be applied according to crop canopy and aimed at delivering optimal nitrogen for the highest yields. However, optimal nitrogen is difficult to achieve, and timings in the spring are dictated more by prevailing conditions than crop growth stages.

With varieties highlighted as having ‘N-flex’ we should still be aiming for the same optimal nitrogen application however more of the yield potential is conserved when it is applied sub optimally.

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