LG Monarch

The LG Monarch range includes short, medium and long term grass mixtures and products for cutting, grazing and dual purpose requirements.

The UK has two quality standards of grass seed, with many mixtures only meeting UK minimum

standards. Some mixtures adhere to the Higher Voluntary Standard (HVS) which has more stringent purity requirements. LG Monarch grass mixtures are supplied at quality levels that exceed both of these standards.

Superior nutrition

The LG Monarch range includes LGAN accredited mixtures which have been formulated by combining the optimum proportions of varieties, with superior nutritional attributes, to create a mixture with an improved feed quality profile.

Tried and tested

LG Monarch LGAN mixtures have been thoroughly tested in both forage quality trials and animal feeding trials where they’ve demonstrated clear benefits over traditionally formulated grass mixtures

Yield and quality

Our Innovation site trials measure both forage yield and forage quality at every cut throughout the season to ensure performance is maintained through the entire life of the mixture

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