The Hibird brand offers crops for Conservation, Game & Wildlife Management including winter holding, brood rearing and game drives

Limagrain offer options to provide habitats for wildlife, crops to feed birds, grass field margins, crops for pollinators, wildflowers & amenity flowers, as well as game and wildlife management

Habitats for Wildlife

Creating the perfect habitat is vitally important and will enable future generations to know that we played our part in securing our wildlife and plant populations. The start of this process begins by investing in the right seeds mixture that will allow you to deliver environmental benefits to the highest level.

All HiBird seeds have been fully tested for germination and purity enabling your crop to establish quickly and realise its potential

Farmland Birds

The provision of important food resources for farmland birds is vital in the autumn and winter months and more specifically in the hungry gap period between winter and spring.

Limagrain has been with a variety of different agencies to produce a range of seed mixtures specifically to feed some of the UK's favourite birds. The Hibird mixture range has been researched and blended with plant species we know are favoured by those bird species

Crops for Pollinators

The National Pollinator Strategy Scheme has been set up by the UK Government to ensure pollinators thrive. It aims to provide essential pollination services for crop production, the wider environment and everyone.

Hibird mixtures will provide fantastic areas of flowering plants to help boost the essential food

sources for beneficial pollinators, such as bumblebees, solitary bees and butterflies.

Grass Buffers and Field Margins

The establishment of permanent grass buffer strips will produce new habitats, protect existing landscape features and improve water quality. If used next to watercourses, buffers and margins can

help prevent pollutants and sediments from being transported in surface water run-off. The strips will also provide safe green corridors to link habitats.

Crops for game and wildlife management

Cover crops can provide additional drives, autumn and winter feed as well as fantastic environmental benefits for wildlife. We have seen over the last few years an increase in the use of multispecies seed mixtures, some of which are herbicide tolerant, and provide a more diverse habitat than single sown species.

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