Colour Splash

Our amenity flower mixtures brighten up any area and provide pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and other pollinators

Colour Splash mixtures meet the high expectations of the public, who enjoy seeing a splash of colour. For wildlife, they can provide a refuge that offers a rich and varied source of food.

Why Colour Splash?

When sown strategically near municipal sites and landscape areas, Colour Splash mixtures represent a simple way of brightening up such locations and enhancing their aesthetic appeal to the general public.

For bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, they provide a supply of pollen and nectar - useful when the natural environment is under threat from development and habitat loss 

Varieties and Quality Control

Limagrain select varieties that produce consistent results that are formulated into mixtures to give outstanding results. Purity and germination of seed lots are checked at each stage of the

production process and packed to meet industry standards, to ensure customers receive high quality seed ready for sowing and brightening the landscape

Benefits of Colour Splash

• Very easy to grow in the Spring

• Aurora and Biodiversity mixtures are suitable for Autumn sowing

• Cost effective way of improving the landscape

• Fast flowering from sowing with long flowering season

• Does not require fertiliser of pesticides

• Robust plants that can withstand reasonable spells of dry weather

• Helps raise awareness of the local environment

• Reduced water consumption

• Improves biodiversity

• Provides a food source and cover for insects, bees and birds

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