Betaseed. Simply Different.

Limagrain are proud to represent Betaseed in the UK, offering varieties with genetic diversity for a successful sugar beet harvest

A global brand

Betaseed is a strong partner to growers and industry partners around the globe. Its objective is to make sugar beet growing easier and more productive by providing high yielding sugar beet crops and tolerance packages of exceptional quality. Growers are supported by new approaches, tools and concepts beyond seed in order to achieve the highest possible revenue for their operation.

Roots in the land of opportunity

With its roots in the land of opportunity, Betaseed was founded in 1969 in Minnesota, USA. Today Betaseed operates in 19 regions around the world. Activities in Europe, Africa, and Asia are coordinated from the headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and further subsidiaries in the countries.


Betaseed take sugar beet cultivation to the next level! With high-performance varieties and services that get the most out of your soil, as well as innovative concepts for more straightforward and productive sugar beet cultivation


Betaseed provide inspirational solutions that go far beyond seeds and the impressive yields of our varieties. They support farmers and industry partners with new ideas, impetus and ways of thinking.

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